The Five "Whats" of Great Websites

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What makes a great website? Is it perfect parallax scrolling effects, awesome animations, terrific transitions? All these amazing design features are impressive but after reviewing thousands of websites we found 5 simple secrets to having a truly great website! We call them the Five “Whats” of great websites.

First of let’s take a step back and define what is a great website?
The purpose or goal of any website should be to convert! Whether it be convincing visitors to join your mailing list, contact you for a quote, visit your physical location or buy your product right now. The goal of every website is to convert. So a great website is one which converts visitors at a higher percentage than average.

Here are the Five “Whats” that every website needs to convert visitors at a high level.

  • What does your Company do?

    I know it seems really obvious right but we were absolutely stunned at how many websites fail at quickly and clearly telling visitors and potential customers what their businesses do! Without having to scroll,click or search we found that the highest converting websites clearly let potential customers know what they do!

  • What allows your Company to do it well?

    We refer to this as the secret sauce. Great websites don’t just list services and products, they’re able to articulate why they are better than any other company that you may be looking at. They usually provide an insight into a process or philosophy which separates them from their competition.

  • What are people saying about your Company?

    Sure you say your company is great, but can you prove it? The best websites, you know the one’s that get you to take action! They let their customers show their love by highlighting testimonials.

  • What work have you done?

    Maybe you’re a new company and you don’t have many testimonials. Well a good portfolio area can also show your customers the quality of work they can expect

  • What do your visitors need to do?

    The last piece that all high converting websites possess, is that they make it clear and easy for their visitors to take the desired action by providing an abundance of Call to Action Buttons. They also are sure to let them know how and where potential customers can reach them.

Now when you focus on the Five “Whats” of Great Websites and combine them with perfect parallax scrolling effects, awesome animations, terrific transitions, that’s when you get a Legendary Web Creation. Please take a look at our own Five “Whats” at

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